Pulling of the Side Boob 101

27 Nov


Guest post by Roxana Oliver So, the boob, ha? No matter how much we deny it, it all comes down to the boob. And the behind. Oh well, it’s a shallow world out there filled with all kinds of trivialities we admire. Actually, having boobs can make it all super fun – manipulating the superficial, [...]


Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Boob Shape

22 Oct


Today’s guest post is fresh from the world’s bikini capital – Sydney, Australia. Blogger Roxana Oliver gives us the lowdown on all things swimwear from down under… Buying a swimsuit causes a similar amount of stress, if not more, as a traffic jam. It is so especially because, on the first glance, all the pieces [...]


What I’d REALLY want for Mother’s Day..

5 Mar


..okay so it’s imagination time. Be under no illusion that I am a mother. However, the usual ‘Clinton cards’ array of  daffodils and pink cupcakes aren’t going to cut it this year. You mothers have fed, bathed, cleaned, counseled, housed and most importantly loved your little burdens to bits. I gotta owe it to you. [...]



20 Jan

the sun

The widely contested ‘institution’ that was Page 3 of The Sun is no longer. Having given in to the relentless protesting against it’s demeaning values against women, the final ‘issue’ came out last week, according to The Times. A victory-step for feminism, a backwards walk against championing female confidence or a ticking timebomb for men’s [...]



15 Nov


This was the week of 2 headline golds: 1) Humankind lands a probe on speeding comet orbiting the sun 300 million miles away 2) Kim Kardashian being.. Kim Kardashian The two are more interlinked than we’d like to think, aside from battling front pages. Philae’s probe scientist Dr Matt Taylor sparked international outrage within hours [...]


The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier – From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

12 May

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier  – From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

There’s little risk of me spoiling the exhibit for those who’ve not been to see the latest Barbican special because, quite frankly, there is so much to see. Instead, it would  be criminal not to report on a particular area the legendary designer dominated: the corset. Nana the teddy bear, Gaultier’s childhood toy, was the [...]


Boob Infographic

23 Feb


I love a picture- thanks to the guys at Transform for sending me the following quirky infographic highlighting a few fun facts. Click here to see the original image!


#UberCheeky Valentines

13 Feb


Romance. Delivered. Left your Valentine’s gift plans a little late? Don’t get your undies in a twist – Uber have partnered with  friends at Hamilton & Hare and Cheekfrills to bring you underwear on demand. From dawn ‘till dusk tomorrow Uber’s beautiful team of drivers will hand deliver a pair of Hamilton & Hare boxers [...]


PIP – Implant Register

2 Jan

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 23.28.49

The next step of the PIP implant scandal sees a national register logging every breast implant operation carried out in England. This would aim to eliminate the poor record-keeping at clinics which were unable to tell patients whether they had been given the faulty implants in an immediate manner. The register will record the exact type [...]


Best Boxing Day Bra Buys

26 Dec

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 14.42.10

Welcome to the other side; I do hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. While the melancholy of waiting another annum for Christmas again subsides, I am delighted to provide you with a joyous round-up of my top sales buys by Net-a-Porter (avoiding queues always..):